Why is She So Angry? Part I: The Beginning

I am very excited today to present UnCommonlyU’s very first guest blogger!

Amanda Davis is one of my very best friends and has been for nearly 20 years now… yikes that means we’re getting old.

Amanda is an EMT which means she kicks butt and saves lives, she loves animals and is passionate about the causes that move her.  In short she is uncommonly awesome.

In recent months she has become increasingly vocal about her passion for women’s rights at home and globally.  And so I invited her to share her thoughts on the topic with us here on the blog… and share she did.  Within hours she’d sent me a five page “summary” (ha) of why she was so fired up about women’s rights.  So I’ve decided to break it down into segments so that we don’t lose anyone along the way.

And so without further ado, I give you “Why is She So Angry? Part I” by Amanda M. Davis



It all started with dinner and margaritas…this is how most things have started with me and Miss K since we hit drinking age. When we were a bit younger, and had livers that were more elastic than Rosie O’Donnell’s stretch pants, it would usually start at 1am with me saying in a drunken, sing-songy accent, “Kaela…you look thirsty!” Kaela would respond in an equally drunken, yet more giggly, accent with, “Oh my God! You’re right! I AM THIRSTY! Pour me another!” This would usually be followed by a regretful hangover that we would learn nothing from, thus repeating the cycle in a subconscious effort to erase memories of Ms. Manigault’s AP history class. Now that we’re knocking on 30’s door and our livers will throw up the white flag well before midnight, it’s usually one or two small margaritas with fattening Mexican cuisine.

Ah…to be young again (and more alcohol tolerant).

In any event, dinner and margaritas was how it started tonight. The tequila and the salsa were flowing as we drifted over current events. We always end up playing catch up over several weeks of life-events since our increasingly busy schedules keep us apart more than together. Kaela talked about her new job, me about my crazy job, her about all the new people she’s met, and me about family I’d like to avoid…a rather typical discussion menu for us. Eventually, she asked about an article I’m writing for the Association of Libertarian Feminists. If I had to summarize it for a pamphlet, or a blog like this one, I’d say I’m writing about how microloans are a key tool for establishing equality for women all over the world from a libertarian perspective. Equality is something I’m very passionate about, to the point that my thoughts move too fast for my mouth and I trip over my words when I talk about it. My passion is so visceral because I believe that no society of women, in ANY country, has yet had their Civil Rights Movement. As I was expanding on this idea, having had the time to flesh out the paper since I spoke with her last, Kaela told me something I found a little startling. She said that when her other friends asked about me, they’d ask why her redheaded friend – no, not the Gettysburg one, the other one – why is she so angry? I never considered myself angry, but passionate. Kaela believed that my passionate ideals had merit, but that maybe they were being misunderstood…and then she asked me to blog about it.

I’ve never blogged about ANYTHING…but, here I am…writing a blog for Kaela about passion and anger and feminism and civil rights.

No pressure, Amanda. Really.

Let me try and break this appetizer down into chewable bites (cuz, this redhead likes to eat and I believe in sharing). First, feminism…are you a feminist? Whether you’re a man or woman, you should be. Without exception. If you are an American and truly believe in the potential that the Constitution of our nation holds so that all persons are created equal, then you have no excuse not being a feminist. It took me a very long time to understand that I was a feminist. I held equality in the highest regard and I would rail against the social injustices that supported inequality. However, I still suffered from the delusion that feminism was a bra-burning, man-hating entity that it is, even now, commonly believed to be. Feminism is NONE of those things. Feminism is the wild and crazy idea that women are PEOPLE and that we have the intrinsic right to be treated like HUMAN BEINGS, rather than being treated like your favorite poodle or blow-up doll.

Feminism is compassion, understanding, and the knowledge that women are not a second class to men. We should not be forced into a male ideal for conducting ourselves in the world and then punished when we can’t be more like a man. I know it’s a weird concept, but bear with me: women ARE NOT men (are you gasping in shock yet?). In case your parents skipped the penis-vagina discussion with you, let me recap: women have vaginas, breasts, wider hips and the ability to pop out babies. Men have penises, excessive hair in weird places and the ability to pee their name in the snow. Mentally speaking, we have the same capacity to learn and develop intellectually. However, women are usually more talkative, with a higher emotional intelligence, whereas men can have an entire conversation with each other with two syllables, and enjoy more analytical socialization. Each sex brings its own strengths and weaknesses. It is not reasonable for the one to try and force the other into its mold in order to achieve prosperity. Women should be supported for carving their own niche, and valued as any other man would be for doing it dude-style.

Tomorrow we’ll delve into the next bite: Passion and Anger.

4 responses to “Why is She So Angry? Part I: The Beginning

  1. Hey, Amanda, go for it. Great (and funny) beginning! You have my support. And what’s this with “anger”? Since when did passionately caring about justice get trivialized to mere “anger.” Those people need to look around them and maybe care about something besides themselves.

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