What’s Your Vision?

As kids we all have a vision of what we want to be when we grow up… a pilot, a teacher, a fireman but as we get older and the world has its way with us we often lose that vision.

And as life’s realities set in it can be difficult to marry old dreams with new goals or even find and hold on to a new vision for our future.

But here is the thing, as life throws new things at us God has Blessed us with the ability to adapt and He tends to show us His on-going vision for our lives. Unfortunately, too many times we run in fear of those visions of greatness.

That is where choice becomes critical and here is where singletons must remain wary.

You can hold on to your dreams of becoming a pilot etc. and pursue that with all your might, you can embrace lifes challenges and changes and trust the new vision you have for your life, you can allow a sense of defeat to keep you from chasing your vision or, worse still, you can allow someone to come along and steal your vision from you.

The choice is yours but remember that you only get one life to live so you may as well make it uncommonly yours.

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