When I was in college the tradition was to give all incoming freshmen a t-shirt with the word “SPEAK” written across the back.  The shirt was to serve as a reminder of the 100+ year tradition of greeting people as you passed them on campus… The Speaking Tradition as it was known.

I recently came across that shirt while doing some spring cleaning and was struck by how in the 5+ years since my graduation from college the word “speak” has taken on a new meaning in my mind.

These days, “speak” is more of a reminder to express yourself.  To say what’s on your heart and mind so that people know exactly where you’re coming from. 

SPEAK i.e. communicate with the people in your life because, afterall, communication is the key to any relationship.

SPEAK i.e. make your position and perspective known and be confident in where you stand.

And if speaking gets you in trouble, well at least you know you’ve made your point and stood your ground.

Personally, I’m excited about taking the speaking tradition to a whole new level and consider yourselves forewarned… if you thought I spoke up before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

So don’t just stand there thinking your thoughts to yourself… SPEAK!!!

One response to “SPEAK!

  1. The poet Audre Lorde once wrote, “When we are silent, we are still afraid so it is better speak knowing we were never meant to survive.” It’s a line in one of my favorite poems called A Litany of Survival.

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